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John Edwards - Personal Trainer

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Hi, I'm John Edwards, a boxer from a boxing family, and I can tell you how to make your body look the way you want, using an exercise and diet regime developed exclusively for you - and it doesn't have to cost the earth.
If I've learned one thing about ringcraft during my boxing career, it's that to be a success, you've got to be fit. Everything else comes after that.
And being fit is about the right kind of nutrition coupled with the right kind of training in the right surroundings. I'm ready to share the training secrets that make me look the way I do; showing you the way not only to get fit, but also to stay that way, and be in the best shape possible.
Everyone wants to look better and feel fitter. There's no better time to start than now, and I'm the best man to have in your corner when you do.
I offer a range of services to cover all your Training, Nutrition & Boxing requirements & much more:-

Products & Services

  • Personal Training (Private or group sessions)
  • Boxing Workshops (from Mixed Martial Artists looking to improve stand up Techniques, Advanced Boxing Techniques & Defence to Bespoke Workshops tailored to individual/groups needs)
  • Boxing Events (Corporate Events such as Sales/Motivational/Team Bonding) 
  • Boxing Qualification Course for Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals
  • Boxing Training/Coaching for Professional Boxers
  • Provider of Training & Boxing Equipment, Kettlebells, Supplementation etc

Training in:-

  • Weights
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxing
  • General Fitness

Consultancy in:-

  • Exercise & Nutrition
  • Supplementation